The team at ACS are a group of like-minded professionals providing project management, production and installation services which include everything from a whole house fit through to extensions and renovations, to fitted or free standing furniture, appliances and installation or interior design and decoration. Truly a one stop home improvement service for today’s busy lifestyle! We have years of experience working on high profile projects ranging from listed buildings through to more modern structures. We always use the right materials for purpose so that they perform to the highest standard and our commissioned craftsmen take the utmost pride in their work. ACS believe that quality materials and fine workmanship both aid in protecting a client’s investment.

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Innovative Bespoke Design
  • Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Contracted & Controlled Installation
  • Impeccable Industry Reputation
  • Innovative Solutions Guaranteed
  • Sound Environmental Policies
  • Any Size Commission Undertaken

Sustainable Materials

ACS endeavour to integrate sound environmental practices into our business ethic, we are dedicated to ensuring that our installations include as many sustainable materials as possible which we believe separates us from our competition. The use of well managed materials is an environmentally positive process coupled with our material planning reflects the passion we have for environmental standards.

The Finest Craftsmen

The creative craftsmen, joiners and artisans we appoint are key in the production of the quality furniture and installations we provide. We are positive that their traditional handcrafted techniques and impeccable attention to detail have earned ACS a reputation amongst our client base for being a company dedicated to providing the finest of the industry's skills.

Our Promise

At ACS we understand the necessity to ensure the minimum amount of disruption whilst on site, we respect the fact that we are temporary guests during a client installation, appreciating this allows us to ensure that all design consoltations and building work is carried out at convenient times to suit a clients busy lifestyle.